If your widgets look different in the Flex Widgets app and the homescreen this is most likely due to your widget changes inside of the app not being pushed to the homescreen. In order to update your widgets on the homescreen, press the "Export" button inside of Flex Widgets. This updates your widgets.
When sharing widgets containing pictures, the actual pictures will not be shared at the moment. A workaround solution is to use web-images instead. Follow thes simple steps:

• go to imgbb.com and upload your picture
• choose the option "BBCode full linked" in the "Embed codes" menu
• copy the URL from the text field ending with .png or .jpg. (see picture number three; It's important to use a direct URL ending with the picture file name)
• go to the image element in Flex Widgets, choose "Select Images" > "Web Image" and paste your URL
• now you should be able to share the widget containing the uploaded image
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