Note: We are working on adding this option natively inside of Flex Widgets but at the moment follow the guide below.
If your widgets look different in the Flex Widgets app and the homescreen this is most likely due to your widget changes inside of the app not being pushed to the homescreen. In order to update your widgets on the homescreen, press the "Export" button inside of Flex Widgets. This updates your widgets.
At the moment do the following:
• place a Siri Shortcuts buttons on your widget
• go to the Shortcuts app and create a new shortcut
• add the action "Open app" to the shortcut and select the app you want to open
• Name your shortcut and type in the exact name in the Siri Shortcuts button in Flex Widgets

Pro tip: remove the outline from the button, make the background transparent and remove the text and both icons. This way your button is transparent and you can for example overlay the button over a calendar or a weather icon and open apps like the Calendar app or the Weather app.
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