In this guide we will give you a quick tour of the Flex Widgets editor.
Widget sizes and widget themes
You can create small, medium and large widgets. You start creating widgets by selecting the size you want your widget to have.
Then you can either create your widget from a theme or without a theme. Widget themes allow you to have the same background color, text styling and outlines over different widgets.
Widget elements
The Flex Widgets editor works like the following: create widget elements and edit/arrange them however you want. So we start by looking at the elements editing. You can use the following elements at the moment:
• Static elements: (Text, Icons, Emojis, Shapes, Outlines)
• Time elements: (Digital time and analog clocks)
• Picture elements: (Images and slideshows)
• Health elements: (Health graph view)
• Interactable elements: (Drawings, Buttons and Siri Shortcuts buttons; buttons only work on medium and large widgets)
• Weather elements: (Weather icons and weather texts)
• Calendar and date elements: (Dates, Calendars, Countdowns, Countdown texts, Week overviews)

You can add multiple of the above mentioned elements to your widgets. Then you just arrange them by dragging them on the widget. To resize elements drag the white circles at their corners. (We explain below how you can delete widgets.)

(Tip: To make editing easier you can pinch in or out with two fingers on the widget. This will zoom in or out.)
Widget background
To change your widget background color, press the top right button ("layers button"). Now there should be a field titled "Background". Here you can switch the background color and enable/disable a background gradient.

If you want to use pictures as the background you can do the following: add an image or slideshow element to your widget, select the picture you want as background color, and then check the option "use as background" on this element.
Layer editing
Pressing on the top right button ("layers button") will trigger the layers view. This view presents all the widget elements as layers. This is a very powerful tool since with Flex Widgets you are able to overlay views. To change the layers order you can drag the layers on the right and rearrange them.
You can delete widgets in the layers view by sliding individual layers to the left and tapping on the delete button. Tapping on individual layers will select them.
Pressing on the top left button ("tools button") will show or hide the tools menu. This menu contains different useful buttons:
Undo button: this will undo your last create/delete actions
Redo button: this will undo your last undo button press
Clone button: this will clone the currently selected element
Delete button: this will delete the currently selected element
Resize widget button: this will resize your widget in the editor, making it easier for you to edit it. You can also achieve this by pinching in and out on the widget with your fingers or double tapping on an empty place on the widget.
Save - Keeping your widgets up to date and sharing
When you are happy with your widget you press "save" and follow our guide on adding your widget to the home screen.

To share your widget with other people press on the share button in the export menu and send the short url to anyone who would like to use the widget.
If you have feedback regarding our help center, have any more questions, found a bug or have feature suggestions, please go to our feedback page and don't hesitate to contact us.